Our therapies have been used successfully all over the world as a tool for the enhancement of learning potential and cognitive functioning of children and adults. For individuals with special needs, our treatment is used as a remediation program, for higher functioning learners, it's used as a tool of cognitive enrichment.

To date, our Instrumental Enrichment Programs have been used successfully in the following frameworks:

  • Remedial therapy for special needs children
  • Cognitive rehabilitation of brain injured individuals and psychiatric patients
  • Learning enhancement programs for immigrant and cultural minority students
  • Enrichment programs for underachieving, regular and gifted children

Instrumental Enrichment was included in the package of educational reform programs recommended by the US Department of Education.

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Mental Retardation

Numerous pieces of research have been carried out on the effects of Instrumental Enrichment on mental retardation. One of those describes a child whom was diagnosed as retarded and who had delayed speech and mental processing. After working with the Cognition Ignition therapies, the child mastered tasks of increasing complexity, graduated from high school, was trained as a bookkeeper and accounting, and is now responsible for the accounts department of a large chain of supermarkets.

Down Syndrome

In regard to Down Syndrome, the interaction of an Instrumental Enrichment-trained mother with her Down's Syndrome boy, resulted in some significant changes. The result was that the child by age 9 was reading on a first to second grade level, with the understanding even more developed than level. He also learned to keep account of days of the week, anticipate the kind of meal he would have on the basis of the cutlery laid out, anticipate the reactions of adults and children by verbal and nonverbal cues and generalize from one situation to another.

Autism/Asperger's Sydrome

Autism is a state of being with many different causes and is not necessarily a permanent condition. In relation to autism and Asberger's, autistic children, after working with Cognition Ignition therapies over two years began to show significant change in behavior and interaction with the environment. A recent study examined the effected of Instrumental Enrichment on 20 autistic children in Canada. The results showed a high level of success for the students who had a mediated learning approach through Instrumental Enrichment, and these results have been presented at several international professional conferences across Europe and North America.

Learning Disabilities

In regard to learning disabilities, Instrumental Enrichment approaches were found to have a profound positive impact on learning-disabled youth, in particular the focus on identifying patterns. A study was conducted on underachieveing 6th graders in New York who were reading two years below grade level remedial classes. The group had 59 hours of therapies used at Cognition Ignition, and at the end of the school year, the group showed significant improvement compared to a group that the equivalent number of hours in a remedial reading program.

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